Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Gave All

With all the conversation of All Gave Some/Some Gave All I thought I could mark Memorial Day with a tribute to three of our family's heroes who have given all.

First to my Uncle James Stevens. I never knew him, but after actually walking the ground in Korea where he lost his life I felt a kinship and understanding of the difficult days he endured. While the Korean Veterans are a nearly forgotten group, they fought on some of the most difficult terrain imaginable. I salute you Uncle James, thanks for serving.

Next, Uncle Bob Dennen. This soft spoken man served in Vietnam as did many in his generation, we only spoke a few times, but he shared stories and memories of his experiences that brought tears and goosebumps. He was a good man and a good soldier with the medals to prove it. I wish we had more time together, thanks Uncle Bob for serving at a time when many others would not.

Last, but far from least is Uncle Bobby Moody. We lost Uncle Bobby much too soon, I found out too late he was involved in one of the worlds most memorable military actions. He never spoke of it, which I fully understand now, but I so wish I could have spent time talking to him about his time in the military. I thank you for serving and for performing a duty most special. Sorry I don't have a picture which would do him justice.

I also thought I should share a memory of my best friend in high school Louis Nichols, who gave all as a member of the Navy just a few years after we graduated. Thank you, my friend for serving.

Last, please help me remember the veterans in our family who gave some of their lives to serve a grateful nation.

My Father, William Long, Army Air Corps
My Father-in-Law, Clifford Childress, Army
The sons of Clyde Stevens, Army and Air Force
My Daughter, Stephanie Buckner, Air Force

All all the others who gave time out of their lives to make everyone else's a little safer.
The sons of Clyde Stevens

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