Sunday, March 8, 2009

How about those Corvairs?

I was thinking about getting my Corvair out and taking a drive so I thought I might post a couple shots of our four generations of Corvair drivers.

Me, Sherry and Susie in the brand new Corvair June 1966, no white wall tires? What kind of sports car is that?

Stephanie wanted a Corvair as well so we got a great deal on this 1969 Corvair 500. It had a bench seat and a three speed, but she had the ONLY one in her school.

Here is the original Corvair nearly complete in front of our house in Benbrook, TX. It has brand new paint.

Here is generation four, Kayley and I sitting in the Driveway. I am sure she will want one someday.

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  1. I like how you mention that I had the only one in my school... Seriously... hahaha.