Sunday, June 14, 2009

Honoring our Fathers

With Father's Day being next Sunday we decided to post a couple pictures of our fathers. Rhonda's dad is up first followed by Steve's dad. We hope you enjoy the old pictures of the guys who shaped our lives and taught us some important lessons, like "always check the oil in your car" and "you got to get on the lake early to catch fish." Thanks Dad.

Clifford Childress in a very early photo. We dont know where he was or why he was dressed so fancy.

Clifford in his Army uniform

Yes, this is the Clifford we all know and love, reclined in his easy chair, watching television and sharing his opinion of the world with us.

---Now Steve's Dad.

William and Steve at Grandpa Steven's place June 1959.

William and Steve at the old house, Steve is ready for bed and both are laughing because Mom's camera did not work and she was all flustered.

William and Steve at the Washington Monument last year.

To all the Childress and Long family fathers, Have a Happy Fathers Day.

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