Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Types of Train in Washington DC

Here in the Washington DC metro area it is almost impossible to drive. There is not enough parking, the roads are congested, and there are just too many people. When we want to get around in town or in northern Virginia we use mass transit. You often hear people talk about the "train", but in actuality there are three different types of train. Here is a quick post to help you tell the difference.

If you want to go from DC to Baltimore, Richmond or Fredericksburg you can take the AMTRAK. The ticket is just a few dollars and you ride in cozy comfort. Above is a local express AMTRAK train. It has very few stops, carpet and often a food car. Below is the inside view of the express train.

If you want to go from DC into Virginia no further than Fredericksburg you can ride the Virginia Railway Express. This is a commuter train, no carpet, plastic seats, like a bus on rails. They are double decked so a lot of people fit. It takes an hour to ride from Fredericksburg to DC. No food car and no cozy seats. Below is an interior view and below that is the train. Notice, a real engine pulls these cars.

Next is the Metro. This "train" is actually a subway. It runs on electricity and has a person in the lead car driving the thing. It is just what you would expect dirty, loud, and no fun at all. This is how we get around in DC. For a dollar and a half you can ride clear across town, much easier than driving.

Yup, that is the way we get around here in DC. Come visit, take a ride and see the sites.

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