Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Day Trip - Point Lookout Maryland

We decided since we live in one of the most historic areas in the world, we might as well get out and see it. This weekend we drove to Point Lookout Maryland, at the very southern tip of Maryland, a damp, swampy area where the Union built a Confederate POW camp. I urge you to Google Point Lookout and learn about a time and place where we did not treat our Confederate brothers very well. This should be a lesson learned for our country.

The descendants of Confederate soldiers did not feel like the Veteran's Administration did them justice (below) so they bought this piece or land (above) to build a memorial and be able to fly the Confederate flag at half staff all the time. Inside the rock structure is a big cauldron, the Bean Pot, which they cooked the daily meal.
Under this monument (above and below) is buried an uncounted and unaccounted number of Confederate soldiers. The plaque lists who is buried there, but a book in a box (full of wasps) includes many names not accounted for on the plaques. It is a quiet and peaceful place, but hardly worthy the many men who rest here.
OK, following that we got just a bit turned around and found this, the first road in Maryland, it was in better condition than most roads in Maryland.
We got a bit turned around again, which I am famous for, and found an Amish Farmers Market. The next couple pictures kind of show the place. We bought pickles, beets, and bread. Really fun and very interesting. It was a great stop along a road I should not have been on to start with. I was not lost, I was just exploring.

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