Saturday, December 19, 2009

LongLando '09 - Off to Walt Disney World


OK, so our annual Long vacation was Orlando this year. We try to go to Orlando every other year and this was our year. We decided to take the Auto Train instead of driving. The cost was about the same as flying and we did not have to get a rental car on the other end. Check out the Auto Train at It is the longest passenger train in the world and the only train in the US that hauls your car along at the same time. We got a first class sleeper and really had a great trip. We pulled out at 4:00PM and arrived the next morning at 8:00 in Orlando. Had a good nights sleep and some great meals.

We are just waiting on the platform for the conductors to open the doors. We get on early and get settled then head down to the lounge for a cheese and wine tasting. There are also snacks so we grab a pepsi and relax down there for a while. We were sampling a great Virginia wine from a winery only a few miles from our house.

Here are the car haulers, our car is in there somewhere.

Rhonda gets settled into our sleeper to watch the Virginia countryside go by.

Our first stop was Cocoa Beach, lots of shells and sand. Kayley did not know what to think of it.
It was a pretty day, but kind of cold. Kayley quickly found out what it felt like to be both cold and wet, a different thing for an Arizona girl.

I will add some Disney pictures over the next day or so, so stay tuned.

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